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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wait, Free?

I know, its crazy right?! But yes, it is true! Once a day at a random time Marty will send you a Notification and the first 10 people to go to checkout will win Marty's Pick of the Day for free!

What Kind of Stuff?

Marty has a taste for the cute and quirky, one day it might be a sticker pack for the kids, another day it might even be a watch or a piece of jewelry. Marty keeps you on your toes!

What if I don't win?

First off, Marty is rooting for you specifically to win. You work hard and Marty thinks you deserve a little treat! The consolation prize (and it really is a prize on all of its own) is constant access to items that are SEVERELY discounted. Marty loves finding you awesome household items, jewelry, toys, and random doo-dads at 50% off 75% off and even the occasional 90% off and free!

Ok. To be honest I thought this was too good to be true. But I went ahead and signed up. 2 days later I won a super cute make up bag!

Diandra R.

Colorado Springs, CO
Thanks Marty! My mom loves the watch! and the price was certainly right lol!

David G.

Billings, MT
Lots of high quality fishing lures and bikinis that were much cheaper than the same ones at Cabellas. Quick satisfaction with the delivery times. I would give it 6 thumbs up if I had that many. Slick app!


Apple User

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